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UniBiosys, one of well equipped biotech research laboratory with an excellent molecular biology platform, provide all-in-one solution to facilitate in house research projects, student's projects and training as per International quality protocols. Our technical and technological team consists of Microbiologists, Bioinformatician, Molecular biologist, Geneticist etc.

Bacterial Genetics and Genomics Research

Induction of mutations in bacteria for screening of beneficial enzymes and genome analysis. Molecular techniques are applied to gain insight in the biochemical and genetic adaptation of selected processes in Bacteria.

Plant Biotechnology Research

The process of developing crop varieties is complex and takes time. Future progress of crop improvement depends largely on the adaption of genomic technologies. The tremendous progress in mapping agronomically useful genes over the past two decades offers an opportunity to apply directly the molecular genetics tools in plant breeding.

We are also focusing on the field of plant - pathogen interaction, PR protein characterization and Microbial input for sustainable agri-management.

Marine Biotechnology Research

Marine biotechnology encompasses the efforts that involve the marine resources of the world, either as the source or target of biotechnology applications. The Marine Biology Research investigates the microbiology and physiology of marine organisms, isolation of their secondary metabolites, toxins, anti-toxic substances, bacteria with probiotic properties etc.

Bioinformatics and Drug discovery

Bioinformatics solutions for animal and plant virology: Viral taxonomy studies, viral genomics and proteomics.

Molecular Diagnostics Research

The presence of vast patient population with diverse diseases provides an enormous diagnostic research opportunity. We collaborate with various clinical research organizations on contractual research basis to develop and introduce diagnostic tests.

Soil Metagenomics Research

Mangrove ecosystems are open coastal environments located at the interface between the continents, oceans and the atmosphere. Although the microbial communities present in these ecosystems are highly effective at nutrient recycling, little is known about the factors that determine their composition and their potential for biotechnological applications. The future prospect of the research is the identification of novel drugs and molecules from these unexploited mangrove forests.